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DR. THE + GRISSINO DubNoize Live Set


Dr Das is posing with his solo project: DUBNOIZE
accompanied by’ eclectic Dj Grissino the Scratch and Sampler Akai MPC1000, used as a Drum Machine.
“Melody and physicality, this is the Dub, the melody that gets inside,
thanks to the low frequencies, heavy, concrete running across the body”

Mixer 6 Channels
1 Technics Turntable 1200 O 1210
a table at 4 meters, or 2 the 2 meters put neighbors.
2 Spies Stereo
12 Total electrical outlets

The Dr: Laptop, Novation Launch Pad, Roland Sp404.
Dj Grissino: Turntable, Akai Mpc1000, Siren Dub, Boss Rpd10 Delay.

Aniruddha Das
Indian origin but born in London, better known as bassist and founder of the collective ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION.
Since ninety years (to still) The ADF han toured the world with a diverse genre of music that ranges from Drum n Bass to Dub to the most distant sounds always passing and in any case from the East.
The Asian Dub Foundation formed in London in 1993, alla London’s Farrington Community Music House, an organization where bassist Dr Das and DJ Pandit G to teach Asian children the fundamentals of music technology.
In school the two immediately identify a young talent, the fifteen rapper Deeder, which can be matched Chandrasonic (guitar) e Sun J, elettronica.Da of instrumentation specialist suffered their sound, influenced by the use of electronics, It is proposed as one of the most creative and original in the British scene.
And’ the beginning of a career that will take them to the top of the international music scene, the rest is history.

Dj Grissino
Class 1986 an Artist is able to extract the nectar from each of its selection.
Global Beats is the universe of musical styles to which he is devoted Grissino,
the rest are just facets of subgenres mixed and melted to doc, creating a unique journey through the World.
Not everyone combine different styles, in a path that goes from slow to fast Jungle Trip Hop,
through Funk and Breakbeat, all while scratches his beloved vinyl or some goodies while Remix live with his Sampler Akai MPC 1000.
His Live Set will definitely pass through the body, will mark the tempo of your heartbeat
and will have you dancing in an eternal vent memorable night.
A short release its second disc “I’m Migrant” for the label Green Queen Music.
The only project of its kind, containing 18 traces, with 9 sung in different languages, various collaborations
with different musicians of multiple ethnicities and continents, from Japan to Brazil via India and Europe.
Numerous featuring including leading names like: The Dr (Bassista and founder of Asian Dub Foundation),
Degurutieni (Band in Osaka), Sandeep Madhavan (The Burning Deck da Bangalore),
Safirius (rapper di Rennes, as well as the Mc Dj S.O.A.P project. Chinese Man of Marseilles)
and the young Mc Arabic Mouad (L7a9d), for political asylum in Belgium.


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