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We have the right to be Happy

31 January 2015 hours 2.50
Belgium, Brussels.

Is about to end the live Richie Campbell, I end to settle the console, and am ready to go…mah…the band 911 the Portuguese singer off stage we expect everyone an encore or even three of a kind view acclaim pubblico..invece nothing.
I try to understand why, 2000 maybe 3000 People want to shake your groove, I talk a little with the technical thinking it was just another problem to live off the mixer instead just feel embarrassed “Sorry”, a few minutes later came news, “Bomb Alarm” (Diocane!) I think! And after a few minutes I say proprio..Diocan! Absurd!!!
50 or more policemen in Swat version are clearing before my eyes the whole structure of the Brussels Event Brawery,snowing outside.
Recovering my equipment in a hurry, not even a possible bomb makes me abandon my vinyls brought for the occasion from Italy (damn the Isis, the CIA and Christ on the Cross) I close everything in the car and go back to help friends and qui..inizia true “terrorism” Return the Clothing, a thousand thousand people rightly pissed because without their jacket to find themselves on the street with more snow, time to organize and give a hand to the wardrobe to return more possible jackets.
Policemen accompanying all with machine guns in sight of the bomb even the shadow, Cooling only, Sclero, people yelling, Paranoia! when in fact just an hour before he was dancing sweating and laughing in the mood “We have the right to be Happy” a wonderful carnival that only knows how to give Antitapas.

The 8 come very slowly, I get home I lie and I do the situation, “I came to live in Belgium but perhaps better if I went to South America.”
Dreams of papaya and bananas, Cuban dreams, Uruguayani, Venezuelans or Thais, safe to Fidel is getting better, José Mujica is better.
Say no more if no step to conspiracy and start to block me the site after less than a month, I am and we are all well, it was just a nice Fake, Luckily by.

Ps: I still like to think that the DJ set was a bomb already before he left.

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